Learn About Our Safety Outsourcing and Management Company

Leading Edge Safety Group has been providing no less than exceptional consulting, training, and outsourcing services in workplace safety compliance since 2006. Early on in the first couple of years Leading Edge Safety Group focused on consulting and training.  Following the recession of 2008 we realized that there was a need to assist small and medium size companies with day to day functions to support their safety program agendas.  So, Leading Edge Safety Group realigned its business model to meet this demand by outsourcing the functions of a safety leader in the organization.  We have worked and continue to work with many different types of organizations and industry's.    

Our enterprise operates under the leadership of Ben McManaway.

Why Choose Us

Leading Edge Safety Group has earned a reputation as on of the areas best provider of safety services by working with only the best safety professionals, who bring safety-related degrees, certifications, and many years of experience to our clients’ needs. We constantly strive to enhance the knowledge, skills, and credentials of our safety professionals through personal and professional growth initiatives.

Your focus should be on your core business. Leading Edge’s sole focus is providing quality safety services and professionals to help you minimize risk and improve your  company’s overall safety performance. With a more than capable team of proven safety professionals, we can immediately provide the support you need at your worksites.


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Tell us about your business so that we can know how to serve you better. For additional questions about our company, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We look forward to serving you.